Renewable energy – Doesn’t cost the earth

Renewable Energy

Who We Are

ENERGYX is one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies with the expertise to provide services, across the globe, to develop, engineer, construct and operate projects that contribute to our goal of a low carbon, sustainable future.
We have been in the industry for over 10 years, contributing to the development of the global renewable energy market. We have helped to move the sustainable energy debate from the margin to the mainstream.
Operating across a range of innovative low-carbon energy technologies, our capabilities cover everything from project inception to energy generation and operation. Sustainability lies at the core of our values; balancing commercial, environmental and social concerns to address the world’s energy problems is what makes us different.

We are pioneers

We are pioneers of wind turbine technology and our experience of large-scale wind farm development has given us industry-leading skills and expertise. With several thousand megawatts of wind energy capacity experience around the world, our portfolio is one of the largest in the industry and our reputation for quality and delivery are second to none.

We are experts

We have some of the industry’s smartest and most creative people with the highest reputations and experience across a broad range of specialisms.
We are unique in our ability to offer vertically integrated skills in a range of sustainable energy technologies. We can take a project from inception to generation. We can be involved at every stage: from project design and development, through planning and financing, engineering and construction to operation and asset management. We ensure schemes are designed and built to generate energy in the most economical way and with minimal environmental impact. We are unique in our ability to deliver all the main forms of renewable energy technology. In short, whatever the optimal solution we will identify and develop it.

We are independent

At ENERGYX, we believe our independence gives us a distinct advantage. We are not owned by a utility or tied to a manufacturer, so we are able to work innovatively to create the best package for the development of projects. This flexible approach has been at the heart of our success because we can tailor projects to clients needs and explore low carbon technologies.