Renewable energy – Doesn’t cost the earth

Renewable Energy

What We Do

ENERGYX has the engineering and technical expertise needed to provide development, design, construction, financing and operational services to renewable energy projects worldwide.
We are driven by our desire to create a low carbon economy.

Offshore & Onshore Wind

We have been involved in the Offshore & Onshore wind sector since it began over 20 years ago. From initial development and consenting, we are able to provide outstanding engineering and project management capabilities for Offshore wind, wave and tidal projects. We provide integrated development, engineering, construction and asset operation and maintenance services for utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Solar Power

Primarily in the Americas and Mediterranean regions, we offer the installation of solar farms using  Photovoltaic power (PV). We have the resources and the project management capabilities needed to develop, construct and operate solar farms for large scale power generation connected to the grid.


To bring power where it’s needed and integrate more renewables into the grid, We develop and construct transmission projects for our own and our clients’ energy projects. Current projects total over 1000 km of transmission lines across North America and Northern Europe.

Energy Storage

We are pioneers in the delivery of commercial energy storage schemes for frequency regulation. Years of experience gained from operating grid connected renewable energy projects and understanding the network requirements means we can efficiently integrate and operate energy storage schemes.

Demand Side Management

ENERGYX has invested in a smart grid company Reactive Technologies who have launched a service which optimizes energy use by flexibly controlling millions of devices. To optimise and shift energy consumption, minimizing energy costs and increase revenues by using electrical energy more efficiently.