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Renewable Energy


A wide range of expert engineering skills are necessary to support the development, construction and operation of wind farms. Over the past 30 years Energyx Engineering has gained all the expertise necessary to support our wind farm business on a global scale.

Project Engineering

The project engineers provide all the engineering expertise during the development phase of a wind farm project. The access to site is thoroughly assessed to ensure smooth construction traffic for material deliveries as well as the turbine component deliveries along public roads. We identify all the land take requirements and design the on-site infrastructure using 3D civil design tools. The design needs to be optimised and cost effective whilst taking into account development and environmental constraints.


Grid Connections and Grid Code Compliance

Energyx has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of grid connections and grid code compliance. Securing grid capacity for projects is a vital part of the development phase that is managed by the team of highly experienced grid engineers. All generators connected to an electricity network must comply with stringent grid codes in order for the network to operate safely and efficiently. The grid engineers at Energyx have experience with grid compliance in a number of markets including GB, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, North America and Turkey.

Wind Turbine Engineering

The wind turbine engineers provide a common point of contact between Energyx and the wind turbine supplier to prepare the technical specification and manage design interfaces. They track delivery and quality assurance issues to ensure that the turbines are delivered on programme and to specification.

Wind Farm Detailed Design

Energyx undertakes all electrical, SCADA and civil designs using an in-house team of design engineers with considerable experience.

The wind farm electrical system design considers the complete system from the wind turbine through to the point of connection to the grid. Due to the increasing complexity of modern wind turbines and the demands of the grid codes, Energyx has developed capabilities with steady state and transient electrical analysis using software packages such as DigSILENT and PSS/E.


The design of the wind farm SCADA and associated communication systems is critical for the effective control and monitoring of the wind farm which is playing an ever increasing role in achieving compliance with grid code. Energyx has developed its own wind farm grid controller to provide temperature dependent dynamic line rating as well as frequency, voltage and reactive power control.

Energyx has a strong team of civil design engineers and undertakes the design of most of the wind turbine foundations in-house. Our foundation design basis has been refined over many years to produce an optimised design that has been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Turbine Technology and Reliability Engineering

As an owner of wind farms, Energyx knows that the evaluation and selection of the turbine technology is a key element in managing life time risks. We have expertise in specifying the detailed environmental conditions which enable us to choose the right turbine technology for a given site.

Our turbine technology engineers are also equipped to investigate major failures, working alongside the equipment supplier to establish the root cause of failure, to assist with warranty claims and to ensure that any proposed retrofit is a long-term solution for the project.

With over 1300MW of  turbines operated and maintained by Energyx, our reliability engineers are constantly developing new ways to analyse SCADA data and make the best use of condition monitoring and preventative maintenance techniques to optimise the long term performance and value of our assets.