Renewable energy – Doesn’t cost the earth

Renewable Energy

Legal & Commercial Package

The development of a renewable energy project requires many inputs, an important element of which is the commercial package required for construction of the new generating facility. Energyx has the in-house skills and close links with banks, finance houses, insurers, manufacturers, consultants and legal specialists necessary to allow us to put together the best financing arrangements for a particular project. Combine this with our technical, engineering and environmental expertise and Energyx is able to bring extra value to all its projects.

The Energyx in-house team of legal and commercial experts is involved in all aspects of the life-cycle of our wind and other renewable energy projects, as well as the day-to-day business of the company.

The legal group advises on compliance with applicable laws, working with local experts where appropriate. They are also responsible for preparing and negotiating a wide variety of commercial contracts relating to the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

The commercial group works with banks and financial institutions to secure short and long-term funding for wind and other renewable energy projects. They also negotiate with the power supply companies on power purchase agreements, and advise the company on the viability of merchant versus long-term electricity sale arrangements.

Energyx has negotiated several major financing deals with international banks to cover the refinancing of existing investments and the construction and term financing of new renewable energy projects. Such agreements have enabled Energyx to finance further significant growth of its generation business, as well as providing a platform for its expansion into other renewable energy technologies.